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Reasons why dating is important

Jessica confronts Hannah with a “hot list” made by Alex…one in which Hannah is labeled “best ass” and Jessica “worst.” Jessica slaps Hannah, accusing Hannah of seducing Alex behind Jessica’s back — all at Monet’s, the place that was once so sacred to them. Yet this week, Justin is MIA — Clay, who has questions following the first tape, can’t find him anywhere, and Jessica seems even more anxious to track him down.

but that doesn’t mean the journey won’t be a painful one.And that’s the reason why Hannah has listed Justin on the tapes: he took a beautiful moment and made it ugly. He remembers a moment just after Hannah’s photo went viral, when Hannah came to sit with him at lunch.Clay — jealous of her hookup with Justin — snapped at Hannah.Jessica confronts Justin and tells him that she’s worried about Clay: he’s not like the rest of them.Yet Clay has nothing to talk about — at least not yet.

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After a few weeks of sipping hot cocoa, the two meet Alex (Miles Heizer), another newbie with a shock bleach blonde hair and a nose ring.