Sample business plan for online dating site

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The customer selects the product and submits payment online, and the site takes a commission before passing the money onto the retailer. With more experience and higher sales, consideration should be given to opening a unique online store that not only promotes the product but also provides a secure way for customers to purchase.

Sales can also be made in brick-and-mortar stores, at local fairs, through ads on craigslist, or via Facebook yard sale sites.

This allows the retailer to offer a variety of merchandise without having to maintain a warehouse.

Another popular way to get products into customers' hands is to use a fulfillment service.

Alternate places to find low-cost goods that can be sold at a profit include items made by local artisans or crafters, products sold at factory stores next to a manufacturing facility, and overstock or closeout sales at the local big box store.

Some retailers focus on products related to personal passions such as sports or social causes.

Others simply follow the trend- what's hot today becomes a product for sale tomorrow.

Most retailers understand the importance of getting the product available for purchase worldwide by going online.

Many online retailers start out by selling through well-known trusted third parties like e Bay and

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Retail marketing paves the path that customers take to the product.