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Updating rails to 2 2

That includes clones, but also things like apps that aren’t 64-bit compatible, apps that are unused (haven’t been downloaded in years) and other scammy boat trash.

That’s fairly straightforward, but what is the rule What are the apps that seem like they could be caught up in this dragnet but that are actually probably safe?

This has been one of the strengths of PHP and why it’s so darn popular — designers and non-coders can be productive right away. It is a double edged sword as it leads to a lot of sloppy, unmaintainable code.

That said, there are gray areas here where studios may publish games from many individual creators — but ask yourself, “who does the support? So the rule isn’t necessarily the doomsday scenario for app creators that it may have looked like, but it does give notice to the clone factories that Apple is trying to end that particular plague.

I’ve added an addendum to update the article with latest thoughts on May 30th, 2014 at the bottom.

As far as I can tell, Apple is pretty clearly not trying to kill app-creation tools that allow people to customize and publish apps without knowing or writing all of the code.

That’s important, given where the industry at large is heading.

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There are all kinds of schemes based around flooding the store with “templatized” apps.