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Based on these data, the values of RQD, RMR, and Q and class of all the seven zone rocks were determined.

Finally, Stability analysis has been conducted, and appropriate supports were suggested for tunnel by RMR and Q methods.

Moreover, they provide other important information like support needs, stand-up time, and geotechnical parameter among others [7].

Two of the most used classification systems are the RMR—Rock Mass Rating and the Q-system [7].

In this research, according to a detailed study during drilling, engineering geological properties and stability for upper water diversion tunnel of the Bakhtiari Dam has been investigated and rock support design has been proposed.

Series of data required for the investigation have resulted from testing and analysis of the excavated.

These data indicate physical and mechanical properties of the seven various rock zones, including joint sets and discontinuities types with its properties.

RMR and Q systems have evolved over time to better reflect the perceived influence of various rock-mass factors on excavation stability [8].

Stability and support design for water diversion tunnel of Bakhtiari dam, based on five boreholes at the upstream and downstream cofferdams and four boreholes along the diversion tunnels path, has been investigated in previous studies [9].

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Based on conducted stability analysis, suitable supports were suggested for tunnel by RMR and Q methods.