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Click on the download button to download and save the Windows Update to your computer.This way, you will be able to install the update manually on any one or more of your computers, as long as it applies to the installed operating system or software.Just open Control Panel and then choose Windows Update.Tap or click Check for updates to check for new, uninstalled updates.In Windows 10, downloading and installing updates is automatic and will happen immediately after checking or, with some updates, at a time when you're not using your computer.

If you find no suitable results for Downloads, select All Microsoft.

Most of us use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to keep our Windows operating system and Microsoft software updated.

But if you want to, for some, reason, download the updates manually and save it to your computer, this is how you can go about it: Open your Control Panel and navigate to the Windows Update applet. Here you will see the complete list of Windows Updates including Security Updates and Service Packs, if any, which have been installed on your computer.

Downloading, saving and installing Windows Update manually may be done if you need to save the updates for some reason or if you find that you are unable to update you Windows using Windows Update.

Microsoft Update Catalog is a service from Microsoft that provides a listing of software updates that can be distributed over a corporate network.

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Similar to the Control Panel applet and Windows Update tool in newer versions of Windows, available Windows updates are listed, alongside a few simple configuration options.

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